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Master's Degree

Newton and Darwin aren’t the only ones who do science.

P.L. Kapitsa

So four years have passed. A bachelor’s diploma with the state seal has been received (together with a fundamental education). What next?

In the fifth and sixth years, students engage in basic scientific work and the study of specific subjects (the base cycle). Fifth-year students are at the institute only once a week for the study of theoretical physics, a second foreign language, as well as military preparation at the corresponding department where, on a contractual basis, reserve officers are trained.

The entire sixth year is dedicated to diploma work (master’s dissertation) after the defense of which a state attestation committee makes a decision on awarding a master's degree. In contrast to a bachelor’s diploma, a master’s dissertation is a serious scientific undertaking. The majority of MIPT students from the moment of their defense already have journal publications and other published works to their credit.




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