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Distance Learning School

Distance Learning School at MIPT has been in existence for 30 years. It was started by a group of MIPT's professors to bring advanced education in Physics and Mathematics to the learners in high schools across the former USSR. This is the map of the Russian Federation with the dots representing the number of students of our Distance Learning in all 11 time zones of Russia. The biggest dots correspond to 1000 students, the smallest dots correspond to 50–100 students. Total number of students enrolled by the School each year is 16,000. Education materials are distributed by mail. In about a month, a student sends those problems he/she has solved back and gets them checked at MIPT. Then MIPT sends a feedback to the student with full solution to the problems, his/her work checked and commented on. Normally, a student gets 6 study guides and problem sets during the academic year.

To enroll for the next academic year, the prospective students have to solve several problems. These are published each year, in January-February, in Kvant, Science magazine for advanced high school students. A student is eligible for enrollment in any year for any or all of the last three grades of the high School. If a student is enrolled once, the enrollment for the next year is automatic if the student gets good marks at Distance Learning School.

The Distance Learning School is a free educational service provided by MIPT to residents of the Russian Federation. Successful candidates need to pass the admission test and be of a certain age (three last grades of the high school are eligible).

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