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Institute Departments

At MIPT there are many departments offering quality student training in various specializations.

The Department of Higher Mathematics at Phystech, established in 1947, provides broad and deep mathematical training of students in the first three and a half years of study. Teaching methodology combines the best university style with a focus on practical application of mathematical methods.

The Department of General Physics, characterized by an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and dedication, develops students' creative independence and regularly attains very good results. The standard educational process includes lectures with demonstrative experiments, workshops on solving a large number of tasks, and laboratory work, with which you can visually explore interesting physical phenomena.

The Department of General Chemistry was established in order to give students a basic education in chemistry which, if later desired, can be enhanced by additional knowledge for doing productive work in various fields of science. Times change and the Department of General Chemistry tries to keep up with the times: it recently became actively involved in the development of the new scientific field of biomedical materials.

The MIPT Department of Computer Scienceis  isset apart, perhaps, by the special dynamic of the age of rapid technological development. In addition to basic education, a number of different courses are offered and presented. The department has international contacts with the world’s leading IT-companies.


Study at the Department of Foreign Languages corresponds to the high educational status of Phystech: the teaching and monitoring of students' knowledge is taken more than seriously. In the first three or four years of study (depending on the initial level of knowledge), students study English intensively. The workload involves voluminous homework, presentation preparation, essay writing, and constant conversational practice. Upon completion of the basic course, students take an exam and then choose between continuing English (for business purposes, conversation, taking tests or as an additional educational interpreter) and studying a second language (Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese). Thus, by graduation, students have a decent amount of language training, providing effective communication in any field.

The Department of Computational Mathematics was founded in 1967. The need for its creation was dictated by time. Along with laboratory experiments and mathematical methods of classical studies as a powerful tool there is computer simulation of different processes and phenomena.

The Department of Theoretical Physics - one of the key departments at the institute - provides a fundamental education to students who are enrolled in it from the 3rd to 5th year. The department is made up of highly skilled educators of theoretical physicists, most of which are well-known in the scientific world.

The Department of Theoretical Mechanics, like many others, was formed with the creation of MIPT. As part of the general institute cycle, students are advised in their 2nd and 3rd years to take courses in "Engineering Mechanics" (after taking a course in mechanics in the 1st semester, during or after studying differential equations). For those wishing to do research in this area, additional courses are offered.

The Department of Radio Engineering and Communications has existed at MIPT since 1953. Today, department students from their 2nd to 4th years are taught the basics of radio engineering, electronics, information theory, and other related disciplines. The education process includes lectures and laboratory courses.

The Department of Applied Mechanics conducts education in engineering, as well as specialized and applied disciplines for students of 3 MIPT faculties (FREC, FASR, FPQE). It prepares and publishes Master’s students in the program 010622 "Physics of Interactions of the Geosphere and the Ecology of the Earth", is involved in the development program MIPT - National Research University, and performs a significant amount of research. The structure of the department includes, apart from its professors, the specialization “Mechanics of Continuous Media,” 2 laboratories and 1 research and education center.

The MIPT Department of Law was established in 1999. Since its formation, there has been for all 4th year students the mandatory discipline, "Law". Thanks to a particularly lively approach to the material by teachers, lectures on the fundamentals of the state and law are very popular among students.

The Department of Physical Culture and Sport cares primarily about the physical condition and health of its students, immersed in rigorous cerebral training. All students of Phystech from their 1st to 3rd year take mandatory classes in physical education. And, if desired, or having a sport classification, everyone has the opportunity of choosing their favorite section: swimming, basketball, darts, football, etc. For everyone else, there is a program developed by the GPT, which includes track and field, swimming, skiing, and aerobics (for girls). At the same time, the department also offers additional courses detailing the human body, its abilities and the correct approach to training from a scientific point of view.

The Department of Biophysics and Ecology is of no less importance than the rest of the departments. In the first and second year, students learn the basics of ecology and processes occurring on the planet. Thus, a fundamental mathematical and physical education is combined with the knowledge of the surrounding world.


The Department of Economic Systems Analysis conducts lectures in "Economics" for second year students of all faculties at MIPT, as well as elective courses "Microeconomics" and "Macroeconomics". The majority of teachers in the department are MIPT graduates who have a secondary education in economics. Education and research at the department is supported by the "Institute for the Economy in Transition", funds and carried out in conjunction with the MIPT Base Department "Systems Analysis of the Economy" (Head of the Department, Academician RAS, Entov Revold Mikhailovich).

The MIPT Military Department was created on July 29th, 1954. It provides reserve officer training for 4th and 5th - year students. Admission of students is carried out by competition, which is held in the spring semester of the third year. Training begins in the 4th year. At the end of the 5th year a training camp is held.

The MIPT Faculty of Humanities was established in 1998. Its task is to ensure a high level of education in the arts and to fulfill State Standard requirements in the teaching of humanities and social and political sciences at MIPT. The faculty is made up of 4 departments and an educational-research laboratory: Departments of History, Culture, Social-Political Science, and Philosophy.

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