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For Applicants and school students

Coordination of work with students and applicants is conducted by the MIPT Interuniversity Center for Education and Development of Talented Young People in the Area of Natural and Mathematical Sciences "Phystech-Center" (created at MIPT in October of 1999 by order of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation and by order of the MIPT Rector) which develops new ways of working with applicants. For example, at the institute there exists the Correspondence Physical-Technical School (CPTS) for high school students interested in physics, mathematics and computer science. The school enrolls students each year from the 8th to the 11th classes of general educational institutions (schools, colleges, high schools, etc.), located in the Russian Federation. Education at CPTS provides students the opportunity of going to any technical university in the country.

Every year at MIPT preparatory courses are given. These classes focus on preparing students to pass the State exams, as well as olympiads and all other university entrance exams. Workshops are run by MIPT professors having in-depth knowledge in the sciences and extensive experience working with students.

All necessary information on the olympiads held at Phystech and elsewhere can be found by visiting Abitu.Net.

On the 20th of the month of June the admissions board of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology begins working. For nearly two months, it receives documents from applicants, and assists in their correct design. At the same time, departmental faculty admissions boards discuss the work of their own faculty. The composition of the selection committee includes representatives of deans, professors and senior students, who are always ready to answer any questions students and parents may have, and help finalize the choice of faculty study.

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