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Kalashnik Mikhail Ivanovich




Vice-rector for building services

Born 13 September 1958 in Voronintsy, Chernobaevsky area, Cherkassky region, Ukraine



Graduated from Ukrainian Academy of Agriculture of the Red Banner with a degree in agricultural mechanization, mechanical engineer.


 Professional Experience

1981-1985 - head of the garage at collective farm “Dawn of  Communism”

1985-1986 – engineer at the department of technical maintenance of the “Selhozhimiya” association 

1986-1987 – chief engineer 

1987-1996 – armed forces service:
                – deputy squadron commander 1987-1988
                – head of the workshop «175 DOK» 1988-1991
                – deputy head for commercial affairs of the industrial complex
                  «175 DOK»  1991-1996

1996-2001 – general director of OJSC«175 DOK» for commercial affairs

2001-2004 – director of “Drevokomplex” Ltd.

2004-2005 – general director of “DSK-service” Ltd.

2005-2012 – head of separate department at “ARDIS” Ltd.

2013 – vice-rector for building services



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