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Gorshkov Oleg Anatolevich


Горшков Олег Анатольевич

First Vice-Rector, Scientific Affairs

Born 8 December 1959 in Sars, Oktyabrsky area, Perm district.

Doctor of technical sciences, professor.



From 1977 to 1983 – student of the Moscow Aviation Institute, faculty of “Engines of flying vehicles.”

Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree in “Electrorocket engines of spacecraft and airborne energy installations” (with distinction).

In 1990 defended thesis for the Degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences on the subject of methods of generation of negative ion beams with low angular divergence.

In 2006 defended thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences on the subject of problems of creation and practical use of new generation hall plasma engines.


 Professional Experience and Achievements


From 1983 until 2012 worked at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Keldysh Research Center», since 1991 – held the position of head of the department of electrophysics.

From 1997 – assistant at the faculty of heat processes of aerophysics and space research of MIPT, from 2000 – docent, from 2008 – professor (base institution Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Keldysh Research Center»).

From 2002 to 2012 – chief theme designer.

In 2011 received the title of a professor.

From 2012 – vice-rector for educational affairs of MIPT (base departments).

Recipient of the Russian Academy of Sciences Award in the name of P.N. Yablochkovin the field of electrophysics and electrical engineering for work “Generation and research of powerful stationary electron beams in dense gaseous atmospheres,” together with A.S. Koroteev, year 2000. Recipient of the Russian Federation Government Award in the name of Y. A. Gagarinin the field of space activities for the work “Creation and practical use of new generation electric plasma engines,”  head of project, year 2011. Vice-rector Gorshkov is the author of over 100 published scientific works, including 1 monograph, 10 patents, over 50 reports at international conferences.

The area of scientific interests – generation, research and use of plasma flows and charged particle beams. Electron accelerators with release of beam into dense gas, electron beam technologies. Methods of computational and experimental modeling of processes in plasma accelerators. Creation and practical use of hall plasma engines in spacecraft.

Was in charge of Russian and multinational (partners – USA, Great Britain, France, Japan, India, China) scientific research and experimental design projects in the field of electrophysics.

Member of organizing committees and co-chair of sections on plasma engines of various international conferences, member of the committee on space-rocket engines of the International Aeronautics Federation (since 1998).

In 2003 received the honorary title of “Distinguished worker of space-rocket industry of the Russian Federation.”

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