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Evstratov Viacheslav Vladimirovich






Vice-rector for capital creation and development of estate assets

Born 1 January 1949 in Blagodat, Kastorinsky area, Kurskaya district




All-Union Correspondence civil engineering institute, evening department, Civil engineer

Professional Experience

1966-1972 - pipe layer

1972-1976 - safety techniques engineer

1976-1990 - senior engineer, vice head of the production technology department 

1990-1992 - deputy manager of Mosgazsetstroi trust

1992-1993 - head of administration of logistics and supplies department of Mosgazsetstroi trust

1993-1994 - deputy director for production in LLP "Klif"

1994-1995 - deputy chief manager of MFSU of the Ministry of Higher Education of Russian Federation

1995-1997 - general director of OJSC "Moscow repair and construction management"

1997-1998 - head of the project, chief engineer of CJSC "Filyovskaya construction company Konti”

1998-2001 - director of LLC "Company Remstroy”

2002-2003 - head of production technology department at LLC IPKF "Tropos"

2003-2005 - Deputy Director for Operations, General Director of CJSC "Promzhilstroy"

2005-2009 - chief engineer at CJSC «MegaStroi»

2010-2011 - chief engineer at MIPT

2011 - vice-rector for construction and operation of facilities and energy efficiency at MIPT

2012 - vice-rector for capital creation and development of estate assets

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(495) 408 47 11


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