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Evseev Evgeniy Grigorievich


Vice-Rector for Economic Affairs

Born 19 April 1957 in Rostov-on-Don


Head of the department of information technologies and management; director of the MBA program


Graduated from MIPT in 1980 with a degree in flight dynamics and control

Candidate Degree in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, docent.

Professional Experience

From 1977 to 1979 – chief technician, engineer at the State Scientific Center for the Study of Natural Resources 

1977-1979 – assistant for the business contract theme at MIPT

1979-1981 –engineer at the aerology department [CAO]

1980-1981 –assistant, junior researcher for business contract theme

1980-1983 –post graduate studies at MIPT

1983-1984 –engineer programmer at the department of computational mathematics

1984-1990 –lecturer, senior lecturer at the department of perspective geometry and mechanical drawing

1990-2005 – docent at the department of perspective geometry and mechanical drawing, computational mechanics

2001-2004 –doctorate department of the Russian State University of Aviation Technology – K. E. Tsiolkovsky Russian State Technological University

2005-2008 –director of the Center for additional professional education of MIPT

2008-2011 –head of the planning and economics department

2011-2012 –vice-rector for educational services and economics issues

С 2012 –vice-rector for economic affairs

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(905) 724 17 49

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