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History of the Emblem

The charming idea of combining the symbols "h" and "nu" into onesymbol as a description of photon energy came to mind about twenty years ago, when the student construction group "Quantum" (lead by A.G. Biryukov, now an associate professor for the Department of Mathematical Principles of Control) was established.


The next idea - to "breathe life into" the new symbol – belongs to D.Vasilev, a student who, in honor of the 30th anniversary of Phystech, created a design for the organizing committee for physics and mathematics Olympiads at MIPT, which depicts a “boy-quantum bit,” holding an MIPT sign. In the late eighties, when the Phystech Alumni Association (Executive Director, Associate Professor B.A. Shumansky) was created, an attempt was made to create a new version of the symbol "h-nu." An eye, nose and crown were added.


Thus, the emblem appeared.


It was then called the "quantum-photon" ("QP"), and there was a formula-description: "Phystech - an energy substance (« hv »- the quantum energy of the photon), which has the features of living creatures (beak, eye, and tail) whose head is filled with physics (the eye icon - the letter "F" for “physics” in Russian) and topped with mathematics (crowned with the letter "M").


The emblem "moved on" as a seal of the Alumni Association, and all those who have saved their invitations to the 45th Anniversary of Phystech in the Column Hall of the House of Unions can see this image.


This emblem was also distributed in the form of a sign with a circulation of 3,000 copies (funded by NP "Phystech", Director –A.D. Karavaev), which were distributed for 2 years to MIPT graduates in exchange for their contact information in order to keep in touch with their home institution.


However, the sudden death of B.A.Shumansky abruptly broke all of the many ideas and plans. Without his energy, the Alumni Association activities gradually came to a standstill...


And that is why the preparation for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Phystech again brings to mind the emblem by those who have studied, are studying, are teaching, and will study and will teach at MIPT. And we have decided to continue this Phystech tradition. But we decided to do so at a good technical-artistic level from precious metals, by heart...


The first signs were received by first-year students.



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