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MIPT Mission:

  • implementation of interdisciplinary  training of highly-skilled experts in priority development areas  based on the integration of educational technologies, creative study of fundamental natural science disciplines, language preparation, technologies used in generating new knowledge on the intersection of science and the mandatory participation of all undergraduate and graduate students in research and development activities for the benefit of strategic partners;
  • development and transfer of new technologies for the Russian economy in the XXI century.

  The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (StateUniversity) prepares specialists in technical fields.

 Length of Study:

  • 4-year Bachelor (First level) ;
  • 2-year Master (Second level);
  • Upon successful completion of master’s (with defense): 3-year Graduate.

 For Candidates of Science (Russian system): Post-Graduate Doctorate

The institute allows the possibility of earning a second higher education degree.

 All students studying at MIPT are released from military service duty. There is a military department at the institute.

 Leading academicians, scientific research establishments and large public organizations (base organizations, or “bases”) take part in the training of specialists. MIPT professors are prominent scientists, among which there are around 100 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Mode of Study – only full-time.

Study within the typical framework is free.

Residence halls are available to all students of the institute.

Students earning a (good-4) or (excellent-5) receive a stipend and there are also additional stipends from base institutes, funds, and firms, headed by MIPT graduates, foreign companies and others interested in our graduate organizations.

Document acceptance takes place in accordance with the rules of reception.

Applicants that have successfully passed the entrance exams undergo an interview with a commission made up of faculty members and leading scientists – heads of base (graduating) departments. 

A few facts should be noted:

The interview plays an important role in acceptance. At the interview, the applicant’s inclination in science and associated interests are worked out. Those who have finished school with a gold or silver medal (in Russia) take more generalized tests.


Further information about entrance regulations at MIPT may be found at the Admissions board. All questions regarding entrance should be submitted to:

9 Institutsky per., Dolgoprudny city, Moscow region, 141700, Russian Federation,  Admissions board (Auditorium Bldg.)  


Telephone: +7-(495)-408-48-00

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