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A distinguishing feature of MIPT is the “Phystech System,"333333 an educational process unique to both Russia and the world, which provides:


  •  system to select gifted children from across the nation for university enrollment (the average USE grade in natural science disciplines of the students enrolling in MIPT is the highest in the Russian Federation);

  • intensive training in physics, mathematics and computer science for undergraduate students, with the country's leading scientists directly involved in the educational process;

  • advanced involvement of students, starting with third and fourth year of study, in real scientific research through the system of departments at base enterprises at leading research and design enterprises in various industries, as well as leading RAS institutes and companies specializing in high-technology business.

Current research areas at MIPT fully comply with the priority areas for the development of science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation.

The main competitive advantages of MIPT that determine its potential to be recreated into and operated as a world-class research and educational center are:

1. Talented applicants – MIPT applicants are the best in the country in the knowledge of physics, mathematics and computer science.

2. “Phystech System” provides students, beginning with the third year of study, with
the opportunity to participate in real research (fundamental, applied and innovative) projects at base departments.

3. High employment demand for MIPT graduates, including from the foreign labor

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