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Scenario for foreign citizens.

Entry into the Russian Federation and initial migration registration.

To enter the Russian Federation you' ll need to submit a valid identity document which is acknowledged as such by country (usually a passport) and a visa.

While crossing government border you should get migration card form.

All foreign citizens entering our country are subject to the migration registration. We will not be able to ensure your migration registration if you won't submit your migration card with the mark of the passport control officer stating your crossing over the Russian Federation state border.

Upon your arrival at the Institute you must immediately, within 2 working days, visit international department (Dolgoprudny city) and submit all the documents required for the initial migration registration.

The list of necessary documents for the initial migration registration:

1. Original of identity document (passport) with single entry visa.

2.Original of migration card with boarder crossing mark.

3. Copy of the order or extract from the order of admission, transfer, repeated study etc.

Upon completion of the migration registration you may stay in the Russian Federation as long as your single-entry visa is valid.To be able to continue studying you should extend the period of your stay before the expiration of your visa and obtain a multiple-entry visa a month before the expiration of the previous one.

If you don't have any reasons for extending the period of your stay you must leave the Russian Federation upon the expiration of the authorized period of stay.

 Multiple-entry visa and extension of period of stay in the Russian Federation.

For multiple-entry visa processing (up to one year) you need to apply to the international department and provide:

1. Passport.
The passport expiration date as of the date of addressing the Pasport Department must exceed or be equal to 18 months. The passport must have not less than two blank pages for visas.

2. Filled-in visa application form.

3. Original of visa.

4. Original of migration card.

5. Copy of the order or extract from the order of admission, transfer, repeated study etc.

6. Copy of contract or agreement for education.

7. State duty for multiple-entry visa.

8. Three matte photos (3x4 cm, colored or black-white).

9. Original of tear-off part of the notice form with Federal Migration Service (FMS) stamp certifying the migration registration.

Please note that if you won't have at least one of the above documents or if at least one of them is incorrect we won't be able to accept your documents. The decision about the extension of the period of stay shall be taken by the Russian Federal Migration Service office only.

Registration of citizens with dual or multiple citizenships one of which is Russian.

If you have two or more citizenships one of which is Russian, you should be registered as a citizen of the Russian Federation for the whole period of your study. You citizenship shall be stated in all documents including the Institute orders as per the legislation of the Russian Federation. The migration service of the Russian Federation won't register you as a foreign citizen.

Documents that you should have during your stay in the Russian Federation territory.

You may stay and move freely within the Russian Federation territory if you are sure to have with you the following documents:

1. National passport with the valid visa,

2. Migration card with the border crossing mark,

3. Tear-off part of the notice form of arrival to the Russian Federation with the mark of FMS regional office certifying the migration registration.

You must show the above documents to the law-enforcement authorities (police) in case of identity check.

Exit from the Russian Federation and re-entry.

If you leave the Russian Federation without a multiple-entry visa you may re-enter Russia only with the new single-entry visa. Before leaving you must notify the international department about your department. Upon the entry into Russia you should be subject to the initial migration registration as described above.

If you have a multiply-entry visa then upon return to Russia you should immediately. within two working days, visit the international department and submit all the documents required for the migration registration for the previous time period.

Documents that you should have with you:

1. Original of identity document (passport).

2. Original of migration card with border crossing mark.

Loss of passport, arrival notice form or migration card.

If your passport, arrival notice form and/or migration card were lost or stolen, don't worry, they can be restored.

If your passport was lost (stolen):

First you should address the police department and get an offical note certifying the loss of the documents.

After that the Embassy of your country will prepare the new identity document (passport).

Upon the reception of the new passport you'll have to submit it to the international department along with the documents required for the further procurement of visa and new notice form of foreign citizen arrival.

If your arrival notice form and/or migration card were lost (or stolen):

You should address the international department and fill in the application for document reissuance (in free format).

Employment and working during studies:

According to Russian Federation legislation you may work during studies only if you are employed:

  • for the vacation period;
  • only as support personnel and only at own Institute in your spare time.

If you violated the procedure of crossing the state border or staing in the Russian Federation then as per article 25.10 of Federal law No. 114-FZ dated 15.08.1996 "On the procedure for exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation", your stay on the territory of the Russian Federation is illegal and you are personally liable in accordance with the code of the Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation (Article 18.8.1 and Article 18.8.2).

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