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Dear Applicants!

Acceptance of applications from incoming first- year undergraduates or graduates may be given in person, as well as by mail or by e-mail.

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If you know Russian and want to be enrolled (information below valid only for summer period):

If you are unable to scan the required documents to be uploaded onto your personal account, you can bring the originals. The admissions board will make electronic copies of these documents and you will be able to choose from an original file or an electronic copy.


Our address

Room 317 of the Academic Building, 9 Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow region, 141700, Russian Federation 

Tel.: (495) 408-75-63

E-mail: intoff@mipt.ru


Hours of operation

Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

Saturday, Sunday Closed



Please note that the filing of documents takes time. Therefore, we recommend arriving no later than one hour before the end of the working day.

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