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Quota Scholarship for international students (2014-2015)


минобрнауки рф.jpgROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO.preview.jpgQuota Scholarship for international students (2014-2015)


The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo” are pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity for foreign citizens and compatriots living abroad and seeking admission to Russian universities in 2014.

According to RF Government Regulation dated October 8, 2013 № 891 the Quota Programme will sponsor 15 000 international students in the 2014-2015 academic year by covering tuition fees and part of the living expenses.

International Students are welcome to take part in the Quota Scholarship contest for studies at MIPT (2014-2015 academic year).

Selection of candidates is carried out in 3 stages:

Stage I.

Selection of applicants will be performed in their states of residence by Rossotrudnichestvo with participation of public education agency representatives in the state of residence, Russian embassies, and foreign representative offices. Foreign applicants will have discretion to choose from one to six education establishments as a place of their future degree course.            

Applicants for admission under the Quota Programme should provide a filled in application form  (link) and copies of the following documents to the Rossotrudnichestvo Office in your country (by April 15, 2014). After review, the documents will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

Please note: Applicantion documents not translated into Russian, notarized, and completed in accordance with applicable requirements are not acceptable.


Stage II.

The selection will be performed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia together with Russian education institutions based on documents furnished by foreign residents selected during Stage I, using the Information Analysis System designed for allocation and distribution of recruitment quotas for foreign residents and stateless persons, including compatriots residing abroad.


Stage III.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia will submit the information on the approval/non-approval decision wish respect to each applicant to Rossotrudnichestvo, whish will further bring it to the notice of Russian and foreign embassies and its foreign representative offices.


Foreign residents with insufficient knowledge of the Russian language will be entitled to study at pre-university courses of education institutions in accordance with supplemental general education programs to ensure preparedness for mastering professional education programmes Russian funded through the Federal Budget while receiving student maintenance grant (during the entire term of study regardless of study success or failure).  The term of study at pre-university preparatory courses is one year which is not included in the term of major professional education programmes.


Application for participation

If you are interested in participating in the scholarship contest to study in MIPT, then fill in the application form.

List of required documents:

1. Completed application form (questionnaire) with an attached color photograph.
2. Documents confirming previous educational levels including transcript of grades (for last half-year).;
3. Certificate of HIV-infection test negative results / Certificate of AIDS test negative results issued by an official authority of the candidate residence country;
4. Copies of passport pages containing information required for study visa; valid for at least 18 months
6. Copy of birth certificate (if any).
7. Copies of documents (diplomas, certificates of international and national (municipal and other) contests).
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