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Department of International Affairs


The staff of the MIPT International Affairs Department wishes you successful study and a stimulating, creative student life. We are happy to assist you as quickly as possible to adapt to our wonderful and friendly country, and to provide any assistance regarding Russian legislation. To avoid the difficulties associated with understanding Russian legislation, our staff is always happy to answer your questions related to educational activities, and a review of the list of key legislative acts will help in understanding your rights and responsibilities in the Russian Federation.

The Department of International Affairs (DIA) coordinates all international activities of MIPT


The main duties of DIA are:


Cooperation with international organizations, funds and programs

The department provides a wide range of services in the field of information and consulting support when working with international programs, grant organizations and foundations to create conditions for the successful promotion of intellectual creations and of elite specialists in the domestic and international market. It provides scientists who plan to participate in international programs and funds, to find foreign partners, to add information of its scientific potential in the world's leading database, and to take part in workshops and information days for international cooperation programs. It develops and maintains a variety of innovative projects and programs of regional and local importance.

Advertising and marketing activities

The department is engaged in the study of the education market, the definition of a system development strategy for foreign nationals at the university, the preparation of materials for the English version of the MIPT site, and the development of brochures and other promotional materials in foreign languages.

Registration activities
The department carries out registration of students from foreign countries near and far, issues invitations and visas to foreign visitors and delegations and their temporary registration.

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