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Department of Information Policy

The MIPT Department of Information Policy was established September 6th, 2012. It combines the basic components responsible for providing students, teachers and all other interested persons with information about Phystech.

Firstly, the main source of information about recent events is the newspaper, "For Science" an MIPT periodical which has been published since September 1st, 1958. In its archives you can find a lot of interesting articles about the lives of the students, all events, and how life was at the institute half a century ago and continues to be now.

The video studio "Pulsar" is involved in providing various video materials, which includes recording lectures, concerts, meetings, seminars, etc. It was founded April 21st, 2006 for the purpose of building an innovative system of student media. In the video archives are stored recorded interviews with interesting people, stories and interviews from local cultural events.

In addition to video content, an important form of visual representation of information is photographs, especially those skillfully complementing text publications. The Department of Information Policy has its own photo studio, "Photonics," under the direction of A. D. Rostovskii. Here, for example, the faces of hundreds of Institute staff have been imprinted for official purposes, made from a number of photo shoots.

Finally, the coordinated work on the MIPT website is handled by the MIPT Editorial Department, which is responsible for the search and placement of information, correction and amendment, and the development of the structure of the website.

Newspaper "For Science"

Photo studio "Photonics"

Video studio "Pulsar"

Editorial Department

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