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Administration and Services

MIPT operates a highly organized network of divisions responsible for supporting the various student and staff activities at the Institute.

Department of International Affairs – offers comprehensive support for international students and provides i all international activities at MIPT including seminar and conference organization and joint scientific project assistance.

Department of Information Policy  – provides IT support for the education process and maintains the various websites that represent MIPT divisions.

Phystech printing services  – provides hard copy production services.

MIPT Life Science Center – a joint project of MIPT and a group of Russian pharmaceutical companies. It is aimed at providing a full circle of medicinal drug production from research and computer modeling to marketing and distribution. The Center’s new complex will be put into operation by the end of 2014.

Training laboratory for working with gifted children a public institution for the preparation of school olympiads- is based at MIPT. It is involved in the organization of the All-Russian School Olympiads in physics and mathematics, as well as the selection and training of Russian teams for international olympiads in these subjects (IPhO, IMO, IJSO)

Communications Office 

MIPT Telecom (page in Russian) – Internet and cloud provider 

MIPT Electronic Library (page in Russian)

Collection of scientific papers published by MIPT graduates and researchers (page in Russian)

Creative Students Community (page in Russian) – organizes off-campus activities and helps students in self-employment.

Study Coordination Service (page in Russian) provides comprehensive assistance in the organization of the learning process.

Fiztech Center (page in Russian)  – provides educational programs and contests for talented schoolchildren who later become MIPT students. 

Center for Continuing Professional Education (page in Russian)- offers a wide variety of courses on business administration, IT security, innovation management and others.

Center for Corporate Entrepreneurship of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (page in Russian) – provides additional business education for MIPT students.

Career Center (page in Russian)– assists students and alumni in transforming their academic skills into professional futures and business relationships.

Trade Union Committee (page in Russian)– an independent organization that brings together most of the students and staff of Phystech. The Union was created with the goal of representing and protecting the rights and interests of employees and students.

Education and Science-Industrial Complex of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (page in Russian) – aimed at improving the management and coordination of financial, economic and scientific production activities of commercial structures founded and established at the Institute.

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