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Видео с онлайн-конференции "QIPA 2020"

Опубликованы видео выступлений с конференции "Quasilinear Equations, Inverse Problems and Their Applications", проходившей онлайн с 30 ноября по 2 декабря 2020 года. 


Video 1: https://youtu.be/HbTBPvOf4g0

Plenary session:

  • T. Hohage (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany) Imaging from correlation data: uniqueness results and iterative algorithms
  • A. Hasanoglu (Kocaeli University, Türkiye) Spatial load reconstruction in a vibrating elastic plate from boundary observation
  • A. Mironov, G. Mauleshova (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk State University, Russia) One-point commuting difference operators
  • I.A. Taimanov (MI SB RAS, Russia) Quasiclassical approximation for magnetic monopoles

Session «Inverse problems and tomography»:
  • V. Sharafutdinov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia) Radon transform on Sobolev spaces
  • L. Pestov (IKBFU Russia) On inverse coefficient problem for the acoustic wave equation
  • G. Mercier (University of Vienna , Austria), J. Iglesias (Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, Austria) Convergence of level sets in total variation denoising without source condition
  • M.A. Shishlenin (Novosibirsk State University, Russia) Coefficient inverse acoustic problems and conservation laws
  • O. Krasulin, A.S.Shurup (Department of acoustics, Faculty of Physics, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University) Numerical investigation of iterative approach for acoustic tomography problems
  • R. Novikov (Ecole Polytechnique, France), V. Sivkin (Lomonosov MSU, Russia) Error estimates for phase recovering from phaseless scattering data
  • V. Filatova (Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia) Medical ultrasound tomography problem: processing of real data

Video 2: https://youtu.be/OqPgPrRudRk

Session «Numerical methods»:
  • V. Aksenov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia); A. Vasyukov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia); K. Beklemysheva (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia) Acquiring the compliance tensor from the vibrational testing data for a 2D composite structure
  • P. Chuprov (MIPT, ICAD RAS Russia); P. Utkin (ICAD RAS, Russia) Numerical study of combustion waves in heterogeneous explosive using Baer-Nunziato model 
  • K.E. Beklemysheva (MIPT, Russia) Numerical modeling of impact loading and residual strength of fiber-metal laminates with grid-characteristic numerical method
  • A. Favorskaya (MIPT, Russia); N. Khokhlov (MIPT, Russia); V. Stetsyuk (MIPT, Russia); I. Mitskovets (MIPT, Russia) About the grid-characteristic method using Chimera meshes 
  • A. Lobanov (MIPT, Russia); I. Basharov (MIPT, Russia) On the finite difference schemes construction for solvind Burgers equation 
  • I. Mitskovets (MIPT, Russia); S. Vladislav (MIPT, Russia) Modeling the propagation of wave disturbances in a realistic geological problem using the grid characteristic method with overset grid approach 
  • A. Vasyukov (MIPT, Russia) Modeling soil deformation during permafrost thawing 
  • I. Mitskovets (MIPT, Russia); N. Khokhlov (MIPT, Russia); V. Stetsyuk (MIPT, Russia) Comparison of interpolation algorithms for overset grid approach and grid-characteristic method

Video 3: https://youtu.be/NlBGMbzE9as

Session «Mathematical modeling:
  • L.A. Beklaryan (CEMI RAS, Russia) On the existence of periodic and bounded soliton solutions for systems with strongly nonlinear potentials 
  • A.S. Bratus (Russian University of Transport, Russia) Continual models of hypercycling and autocatalytic equation for macromolecules replication 
  • V.N. Razzhevaikin (Federal Research Centre “Computer Science and Control” of RAS, Russia) Multicomponent Gause principle in models of biological communities and other problems of asymptotic behavior in Volterra-like systems 
  • N. Petrosyan (MSUT "STANKIN", Russia) On the asymptotic behavior of the solution of the Cauchy problem for a quasilinear first order equation 
  • O.S. Rozanova (MSU, Russia) Exact thresholds in the cold plasma behaviour 
  • E. Shifrin (MIPT, Russia) About visualization of a viscous incompressible liquid by solid particles 
  • A.A. Skubachevskii MIPT, Russia); V. Lapshin (MSU, Russia) Charged particles in the field of an inhomogeneous electromagnetic wave 
  • N. Trusov (Moscow State University, Russia) Numerical study of the stock market crises based on mean fied games approach 
  • L.V. Egorov (Moscow State University, Russia) Asymptotics of the QE Cauchy problem solution in the new technologies diffusion modeling


Video 1: https://youtu.be/xcuSWrB6mCE

Plenary Session: 
  • S.I. Kabanikhin (ICM&MG SB RAS, Russia) Inverse Problems of Epidemiology 
  • R.G. Novikov (Ecole Polytechnique, France) Monochromatic inverse scattering 
  • A. Laptev (Imperial College London, UK) Magnetic rings 
  • P.G. Grinevich (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia ), P. M. Santini ( University of Roma "La Sapienza", Italy) Unstable modes near NLS Akhmediev breather

Session «Inverse problems and computations»:
  • A.Yagola (Lomonosov MSU, Russia) Numerical methods for 3D image surfacing imaging with backscattered electron detectors 
  • A.B. Bakushinsky (Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Systems Analysis, Russia), A.S. Leonov (National Nuclear Research University ’MEPHI’, Russia) Fast numerical solution of a three-dimensional multi-frequency inverse acoustic problem in a cylindrical domain 
  • A.S. Fomochkina, B.G. Bukchin (IEPT RAS, Russia) Identification of the fault plane in the inverse problem of determining the source of earthquakes 
  • A. V. Lapin (Kazan Federal University, Russia) Numerical solution of a time-fractional one-phase Stefan problem 
  • N.Y. Chernikova (RUDN University, Russia) A numerical optimization method in the problem of comparing the spatial structure of molecules in a crystal

Video 2: https://youtu.be/tsmXsInm1tA

Session «Numerical methods»:
  • P. Stognii (MIPT, Russia) The influence of the methane bombs on the process of hydrocarbon deposits detection 
  • V. Golubev (MIPT, Russia), A. Borisova (MIPT, Russia); V. Petrukhin (PAO Sberbank, Russia); A. Shevchenko (MIPT, Russia) The simulation of anisotropic elastic media with the grid-characteristic method 
  • F. Sergeev (MIPT, Russia), I. Petrov (MIPT, Russia), M. Muratov (MIPT, Russia) Computer simulation of dynamic processes in industrial ice structures 
  • M.V. Muratov (MIPT, Russia), D. Konov (MIPT, Russia); V. Biryukov (MIPT, Russia) The solution of Stefan problem for seasonal phase changes of ice islands 
  • M. Muratov (MIPT, Russia), I.B. Petrov (MIPT, Russia) Exploration seismology inverse problems solution by methods of machine learning 
  • M.Muratov (MIPT, Russia), V. Ryazanov (MIPT, Russia) Inverse problems of fractured layers exploration seismology solution with use of convolutional neural networks 
  • E. Pesnya, A. Kozhemyachenko, A. Favorskaya (MIPT, Russia) Implicit methods in modeling of linear-elastic body 
  • A.I. Lopato (MIPT, ICAD RAS, Russia), Ya. Poroshyna (MIPT , ICAD RAS, Russia), P.S. Utkin (MIPT, ICAD RAS, Russia) Numerical simulation of shock wave propagation in the non-uniform media in the shockattached frame 
  • M. Seleznov (MIPT, Russia), A. Vasyukov (MIPT, Russia) Solving problems of the strength of a thin thread by machine learning methods 
  • M.S. Stankevich (MIPT, Russia) Using convolutional neural networks for inverse problems of boundary location in heterogeneous medium

Video 3: 

Session «Optimization Methods for Inverse Problems»: 
  • N. Tupitsa (MIPT, IITP RAS , Russia) Multimarginal optimal transport by accelerated alternating minimization 
  • P. Dvurechensky (Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Germany) A. Gasnikov (MIPT, Russia); A. Kroshnin(MIPT, Russia) On the complexity of optimal transport problems 
  • A. Rogozin (MIPT, Russia) Decentralized solution of saddle point problems 
  • E.L. Gladin (MIPT, Skoltech, Russia) Approaches to solving convex-concave saddle point problems 
  • A.V. Gasnikov (MIPT, Russia) Accelerated local SGD 
  • A. Titov (MIPT, Russia), F. Stonyakin (CFU, MIPT, Russia); M. Alkousa (MIPT, Russia); S. Ablaev (CFU, Russia); A. Gasnikov (MIPT, Russia) Mirror descend methods for relatively Lipschitz-continuous stochastic convex programming problems 
  • A.V. Ogaltsov (HSE, Russia) Adaptive gradient descent for convex and non-convex stochastic optimization


Video 1: 

Plenary Session: 
  • M.V. Klibanov (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA) Carleman estimates for globally convergent numerical methods for coefficient inverse problems 
  • A.A. Shananin (MIPT, Russia) The Yang`s duality and its application to the aggregation of the balances 
  • L. Baratchart (INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France), D. Hardin (Vanderbilt University, USA), C. Villalobos-Guillén (Ecole Polytechnique, France) Inverse potential problems in divergence form and divergence free measures in the plane 
  • H. Haddar (INRIA, France), F. Cakoni (Rutgers University, USA); D. Colton (University of Delaware, USA) Duality between scattering poles and interior transmission problems 
  • R.A. Chertovskih (University of Porto, Portugal), V.A. Zheligovsky (IEPT RAS, Russia) Does the alpha-effect exist? 
Session «Spectral theory and inverse problems»:
  • M.I. Belishev (St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia) Electric impedance tomography problem for nonorientable surfaces 
  • E.L. Korotyaev (St.-Petersburg State University, Russia), Inverse spectral theory for perturbed torus 
  • A. Jollivet (CNRS & Université de Lille France) On a first variation formula for the Steklov zeta function of a smooth planar domain 
  • N. Saburova (Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russia) Trace formulas for Laplacians on periodic discrete graphs 
  • M. Ismailov (Gebze Technical University, Turkey) Borg - type uniqueness theorem for first - order hyperbolic system on half-axis 
  • M.M. Malamud (Peoples Friendship University of Russia) Inverse spectral problems for first order systems of ordinary differential equations 
  • A. Badanin (St.-Petersburg State University, Russia) Hill's equations with the potentials analytically dependent on energy

Video 2: 

Session «Integrable systems and nonlinear analysis»:
  • A.V. Arutunov, S.E.Zhukovskiy (IPU RAS) On variational principles in nonlinear analysis 
  • V.S. Dryuma (IMI RM, Moldova) On the Ricci-flat metric in the theory of Navier-Sokes equations and its applications 
  • L.V. Bogdanov (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russia) Matrix extensions of dispersionless integrable systems and Bogomolny equations on an EinsteinWeyl geometry background 
  • M. Pavlov (FIAN, Russia) Multi-dimensional integrable Lagrangian systems 
  • A.S. Mikhaylov, V.S. Mikhaylov (PDMI RAS, Russia) Toda lattice for semi-bounded initial data and classical moment problem 
  • A.S. Demidov (Moscow State University, Russia) On numerically realizable explicit formulas for solutions of 2- and 3-dimensional equations $ {\rm div} \big (\alpha \nabla w \big) = 0 $, $ {\rm div} \big (\beta (w) \nabla w \big) = 0 $ with Cauchy analytic data on the analytic boundary. 
  • M.V. Balashov (IPU RAS) Weakly convex functions and the quadric growth condition 
  • A.Faminskii (Peoples Friendship University of Russia) On inverse problems with integral overdetermination for the Korteweg-de Vries equation

Video 3: 

Session «Optimization Methods for Inverse Problems»:
  • E. Kotliarova (MIPT, Russia) Two-stage model of equilibrium distributions of traffic flows 
  • A.Yu. Gornov (IDSTC RAN, Russia) Алгоритмы решения унимодальных задач безусловной оптимизации 
  • A.B. Ryabtsev (MIPT, Russia) The error accumulation in the conjugate gradient method for degenerate problem 
  • A. Anikin (IDSTC RAN, Russia) Parallel computing technologies in finite-dimensional optimization problems 
  • E. Gorbunov (MIPT, Russia); D. Kovalev (KAUST, Saudi Arabia); P. Richtárik (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) Towards new distributed methods with error feedback and delayed updates 
  • F.S. Stonyakin (V. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, MIPT, Russia) Non-smooth convex programming problems: inexactness and relative accuracy 
  • A. Sadiev (MIPT, Russia), A. Beznosikov (MIPT, Russia); A. Gasnikov (MIPT, Russia) Gradient-free methods with inexact oracle for convex-concave stochastic saddle-point problem

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