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Conference on graphs, networks, and their applications

The aim of the conference is to bring together specialists in graph and hypergraph theory, complex networks, random graphs and models. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and, in particular, the Phystech-School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science will become a platform for the discussion of various subjects in the area, including real industrial applications. Among the industrial partners of the conference: Yandex, Sberbank, Huawei.

This conference is a continuation of the 2018 workshop.


Workshop Network optimization

  • 16.05.2019, 14:20, 907 Appl. math. building
  • Schedule

Plenary speakers include (click to watch video):

Organizing Committee:
  • Andrei M. Raigorodskii (MIPT, Yandex)
  • Andrey Kupavskii (MIPT, University of Oxford)
  • Liudmila Prokhorenkova (MIPT, Yandex)
  • Maxim Zhukovskii (MIPT)

Local organizers:
  • Lisa Lantratova
  • Konstantin Voytikov
Feel free to ask them any questions concerning accomodation, local transportation, and visas to Russia. They are available by e-mail: CoG@phystech.edu.

Registration fee:
  • Until 30.04.2019: €100
  • From 01.05.2019: €150
  • Reduced rate: €0
Reduced rate applies to students.
Cancellation and payment terms



A number of contributed talks will be included in the program of the conference. When registering, please tell us if you wish to give a talk. The abstracts of the talks should be submitted by 15.03.2019. A decision will be made by 25.03.2019.

Please note that if you need a visa (whether or not you intend to give a talk), then you should register as soon as possible. Normally, there should be enough time if you register by early April. However, in some cases, Russian authorities may take up to one month to issue an invitation letter. Then it will take a week to deliver the invitation and another week for the embassy to issue the visa, once the application is made. So you should plan this in advance. Please also note that it is better to book your visit to the embassy. We will do our best to help you, so feel free to contact us and ask any questions! We are looking forward to meeting you in Russia. 

Send your questions on registration and payments to the official technical partner of the conference MESOL LLC.



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/Workshop on graphs, networks, and their applications
/15th Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph
/BigData approaches in genetics and brain imaging of complex human disorders
/The 8th International Conference on Network Analysis
/Балаж Паткош "Turán problems with dergee conditions"
/Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems – GDIS 2018
/Optimization at work
/Big Data Conference 2018
/Презентация новой лаборатории когнитивных динамических систем ФПМИ
/Лекция «Платформа Hedera Hashgraph, или „Блокчейн 2.0“»
/Курс по выбору "Современные методы оптимизации"
/О.Р. Мусин "Упаковки шаров в малых размерностях"
/Стохастический анализ в задачах
/150-ая рабочая научная сессия ученых и разработчиков Нейронет - "Котел идей"
/Лекции на тему «Scale-free networks» от профессора Нелли Литвак
/Conference on graphs, networks, and their applications
/Russian Workshop on Complexity and Model Theory
/3rd Hungarian-Russian Combinatorics workshop
/Лекция В.А. Быковского "Последовательности Сомоса и их приложения"
/Презентация кафедр ABBYY
/Лекция «Глобальная карьера для физтехов» от преподавателя кафедры РВК в МФТИ
/Рон Аарони "Цикл лекций по функциям выбора и топологической комбинаторике"
/Осенние математические чтения в Адыгее
/Воркшоп по оптимизации и приложениям
/Workshop on Complex Networks
/Мини-курс Стефано Боккалетти "Complex Networks: Introduction and Applications"
/Combinatorics and Geometry Days - I
/Лекции венгерского математика Габора Тардоша
/Лекции о графах пересечений геометрических объектов от Иштвана Томона
/Вадим Смелянский: «Достижение квантового превосходства при помощи программируемого сверхпроводникового процессора»
/VK Lab Talks: искусственный интеллект и машинное обучение при поддержке ВКонтакте
/Алексей Савватеев: «Ферма, Эйлер, Гаусс: арифметическое наследие»
/Центр когнитивного моделирования МФТИ
/Вебинар «Искусственный интеллект в вопросах и ответах»
/Онлайн-презентация кафедр ABBYY в МФТИ
/Видео с онлайн-конференции "Дни комбинаторики и геометрии II"
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