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Department of Innovation (ТППИ/TPPI) English site

Department of Theoretical and Applied Problems of Innovation (TPPI in Russian transcription)

Department Chair – Dr. Alexey Brudno (abrudno@phystech.edu)

Secretary of the Department  – Marina Chumakova

Contact Information:

Phone: +7 495 408 4633

E-mail: tppi@phystech.edu


The purpose of the FIVT organization was to prepare modern specialists in the design and implementation of high technologies and to help students to become experts in an area of the high-tech innovation systems. The TPPI work is dedicated to the second of these problems, which is less formalized and as important as the proficiency in the basics of mathematics, algorithms and programming. The innovative new IT systems and projects, are the end product for today's computer industry.

TPPI teaching stuff includes many well-known scientists of Russian Academy of Science and specialists from the Russian leading IT companies as ABBYY, Yandex, 1C, Cognitive Technologies, and others.

The list of the TPPI courses includes:

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