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Physics of Lasers

Physics of Lasers

S.S. Vergeles, PhD, MIPT, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

The course provides basic knowledge of stimulated emission in resonant electromagnetic cavities and introduces operation principles of common types of lasers: solid state lasers, semiconductor lasers, gas lasers, and dye lasers.

Preliminary syllabus:
The course covers the following topics:
  1. Interaction of a two-level system with the electromagnetic field.
    • Hamiltonian of a two-level atom in a classic external field; dissipative quantum Liouville equations for a two-level system; spotaneous emission of an atom in a resonant cavity; Purcell effect.
  2. Theory of single-mode lasers.
    • Types of optical resonators; Hamiltonian of a group of atoms and an electromagnetic mode; Maxwell-Bloch equations; laser generation threshold and power; homogeneous and inhomogenous emission spectrum broadening.
  3. Theory of multimode lasers.
    • Optical properties of a medium filled by two-level systems; spontaneous emission impact; stationary regime of a multimode laser; nonstationary regime, cavity pumping; active and passive mode locking.
  4. Semiconductor lasers.
  5. Solid state lasers.
  6. Fiber lasers.
  7. Organic dye lasers.
  8. Gas lasers.


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