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Integrated Nanophotonics

Integrated Nanophotonics

D.Yu. Fedyanin (MIPT), V.V. Volkov (MIPT, University of Southern Denmark).

The ability to control light at the nanoscale and manipulate photons in the same way as electrons can give a possibility to replace slow electronic circuits by high speed photonic ones. This course will cover the basic concepts of deep-subwavelength waveguides and cavities necessary to understand the nanophotonic circuits design, starting from Maxwell's equations to modelling of light propagation in complex structures. In addition, state-of-the-art approaches (e.g., silicon nanophotonic and plasmonic waveguides) and techniques, such as scanning near field optical microscopy (SNOM) and finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations, will be discussed.



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