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Electromagnetic Phenomena and Optics Laboratory

Electromagnetic Phenomena and Optics Laboratory


MIPT Laboratory in general physics provides students with a deep understanding of fundamental physical laws and essential skills for experimental work. The course contains two types of classes: labs and seminars, where students defend their results, each type going one after another. While preparing to an experiment students are supposed to research a relevant topic. Before each experiment an instructor discusses with students an effect being studied. Students have 2-2.5 hrs to make all experimental work. Then at home they perform necessary calculations and analysis, and defend their results at a next week lesson.

Preliminary syllabus:
1st semester, Electromagnetic Phenomena experiments:
  1. Electric signal spectra;
  2. Magnetron / Millikan oil drop expermint;
  3. Hall effect / Magnetoresistance;
  4. Free and forced oscillations;
  5. Dia- and paramagnetic materials / Curie-Weiss Law
  6. Ballsitic galvanometer;
  7. Magnetic hysteresis.
2nd semester, Optics experiments:
  1. Newton rings;
  2. Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction;
  3. Spectral properties of diffraction grating and prism;
  4. Polarization of light;
  5. Diffraction on sound waves;
  6. Interferometers;
  7. Fourier transform in optics / Holography

Each experiment is supported by a guide written by MIPT professors and containing a relevant theory, equipment and workflow description.
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