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Награда Галилео Галилей Международной комиссии по оптике в 2012 году:

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 August 1st, 2012

Professor Mikhail Vladimirovich Fedorov,

A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute,

38 Vavilov St., 119991 Moscow, Russia.

Dear Prof. Fedorov,

On behalf of the International Commission for Optics, I would like to congratulate you on having been chosen as the recipient of the 2012 ICO Galileo Galilei Award. The award citation reads “for development of interference stabilization of atoms and a theory of quantum entanglement features arising from particle asymmetry”. As you know, the ICO Galileo Galilei Award is awarded to researchers in the area of Optics and Photonics for outstanding contributions achieved under comparatively unfavorable circumstances. We are very proud of your successful achievement of science and the maintenance of scientific credibility during the more than decade-long social and economic turbulence that distorted all Russian institutions of education and science.

Please keep in contact with the ICO Secretariat to decide on which ICO meeting you will be able to deliver your Galileo Galilei lecture, so that we may have the great pleasure and honor of organizing a formal Award ceremony for you. I ask you please to send to the ICO Secretariat a summary of your Curriculum Vitae and your work, highlighting the result that you consider most important. Additionally, please supply us with a personal photo and photos of your work, so that we may publish an article about you in the ICO Newsletter. I ask you please to submit this material to the ICO Secretariat, via e-mail, at your earliest convenience. The deadline for the October ICO Newsletter issue is by the end of this month.

Again, my warmest congratulations to you for having deserved this very prestigious award, and having greatly benefited the world of Optics and Photonics with your scientific and professional achievements.

Yours sincerely,



               ICO Secretary General

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