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Conference on graphs, networks, and their applications, May 11 - 16, Moscow, 2020

The conference will take place at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on May 11 - 16, 2020.

The aim of the conference is to bring together specialists in graph and hypergraph theory, complex networks, random graphs and models. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and, in particular, the Phystech-School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science will become a platform for the discussion of various subjects in the area, including real industrial applications. Among the industrial partners of the conference: Yandex, Sberbank, Huawei.

This conference is a continuation of the 2018 workshop and 2019 workshop.

Organizing Committee:
  • Andrei M. Raigorodskii (MIPT, Yandex)
  • Andrey Kupavskii (MIPT, University of Oxford)
  • Liudmila Prokhorenkova (MIPT, Yandex)
  • Maxim Zhukovskii (MIPT)

Local organizers:
  • Anna Karelova
  • Konstantin Voytikov
Feel free to ask them any questions concerning accomodation, local transportation, and visas to Russia. They are available by e-mail: CoG@phystech.edu.



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