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Семинар кафедры 21 сентября

Julio Lopez New entropic relations for quantum equilibrium and non-equilibrium states
(The work is done with Octavio Castanos and V.I.Manko)

In recent years there has been an increased development in the field of quantum thermodynamics. In particular, regarding its relation within the quantum information theory. The study of the von Neumann and Tsallis entropies has been of especial interest as they characterize the quantum correlations of a system. In this talk new entropic relations for an arbitrary quantum state are presented. These inequalities give a relation between the mean value of the Hamiltonian, the entropy and the partition function of the system and can be used to distinguish thermal from non-thermal equilibrium states. The use of this kind of inequalities to detect sudden changes in a system (a model of action of Maxwell demon in Frank-Conodon approach)is also discussed. As examples of the application of these results a qubit system and Gaussian states are used.

Семинар состоится 21 сентября 2017г. в 15-30 в ауд. 508ГК Приглашаются все желающие и интересующиеся квантовой термодинамикой!
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