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Семинар по физике элементарных частиц и космологии (на английском языке)

Преподаватель кафедры общей физики Савров М.А, PhD, проведёт семинар, где будут обсуждаться основные понятия физики элементарных частиц и космологии. Семинар будет проходить по пятницам в 514ГК в 17:05. Первый семинар - 26-го февраля. Основной язык семинара - английский.

Introduction to Particle Physics and Cosmology

A picture of the Universe has emerged so far is that of a space-time continuum comprised of interaction events between elementary particles (matter). This course is a very abstract introduction to this picture. It is intended for the students familiar with the basic concepts of quantum mechanics and special relativity and curious about  particle physics and cosmology.

In the first seminar the notion of elementary particle will be introduced. The main theoretical objects and principles used to build testable theories, namely, quantum fields, gauge invariance, and renormalizability will be  then discussed. Using these concepts we review the Standard Model (SM) of Particles and Interactions that incorporates the modern knowledge of particle physics.

The second part of the course is devoted to modern cosmology. Inflation, Big Bang cosmology, and the accelerating expansion of the Universe will be discussed. Then we consider the problems of dark matter and dark energy believed to be closely related to the SM.

Topics to be discussed in the first seminars

1. Particles and Fields.

Galileo principle and Poincare group. Irreducible representations. Elementary particles. Cluster decomposition principle. Field operators. Gauge fields and renormalizability.

2. The SM Lagrangian.

Gauge symmetries. Fermion content. Fermion Lagrangian. Yukawa sector. CKM matrix. Neutrino mass. Dirac and Majorana neutrino. Higgs sector. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (SSB). Classical vacuum of the SM. The SM after the SSB: fermions, gauge particles, currents. Higgs boson.

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6. Particle Data Group, http://pdg.lbl.gov


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