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Tronsport to MIPT

Here are some practical tips on visiting Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

  1. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is located in Dolgoprudny. This small town (population about 100k of people) is the northern suburb of Moscow. There are three airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo. We recommend you to fly to Sheremetyevo airport, since it is the nearest airport to Dolgoprudny.
  2. Getting to/from the airports: Sheremetyevo.
    We recommend you to take a taxi from the airport. The best option is to use Uber (or Yandex.Taxi). It is also possible to use the official airport taxi (ask at the taxi counter). The rate from Sheremetyevo to Dolgoprudny should be about 500-1000 roubles (RUR). You can also use the Aeroexpress train. The general information about the Aeroexpress train is in the item 3.
  3. Getting to/from the airports: Domodedovo and Vnukovo.
    We recommend you to take the Aeroexpress train; it leaves every 30 minutes from 5am to midnight. The ticket costs 500 RUR (available from the red vending machines and payable by cash or VISA/MasterCard), or 420 RUR if you buy the ticket online https://aeroexpress.ru/en/aero.  If you are taking a taxi, the best option is to use Uber (or Yandex.Taxi); the rate from the airport to the city center should be about 1000-1200 RUR outside the peak hours. Otherwise, please use the official ones (ask at the taxi counter). It is slightly more expensive, about 1500-1700 roubles. The rate to Dolgoprudny should be about 1500-2000 RUR. Please note that the traffic during the peak hours may be really heavy; if you are arriving at 8-11am or 5-8pm, consider taking a train instead of a cab.
  4. Getting around. Moscow has an extensive and well-functioning metro system. A single-ride ticket costs 55 RUR. You can also get a Troika card, available at every metro station and at the airports for a deposit of 50 RUR, and top it up with any amount of money. Single metro/bus ride with Troika card costs 36 RUR, 90 minutes fare (one metro ride plus unlimited bus rides within 90 minutes) is 54 RUR.
  5. ATMs are available all over the city, including all metro stations, stores etc. Cash (Euros and US dollars) can be exchanged in banks; note the signs showing the exchange rate. The current rate is approximately: 1 USD = 66 RUR, 1 EUR = 76 RUR. We do not recommend you to change large amounts of money at the exchange points at the airport, the exchange rate there is very bad. VISA/MasterCard is accepted virtually everywhere, including smaller stores.
  6. It can be helpful to get a local SIM-card. The main mobile operators are MTS (МТС), BeeLine (Билайн), Megafon (Мегафон) and Tele2. For buying a SIM-card you’ll need your passport.
  7. There is wifi in most cafes/restaurants and other public places, including the metro, buses and aeroexpress trains. For the latter, the network name is MT-FREE, it requires some kind of authorization (you’ll need a phone number to receive an SMS with the code).

Map of MIPT campus

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