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Payment (participation fee)

The organizing fee is 100 Euros for foreign participants. The organizing fee for foreign students and PhD-students is 20 Euros.
Terms of return of the paid contribution

The Organizing committee provides the opportunity to return the paid registration fee.

Cancellation terms.

If a participant decides to cancel his attendance, the notification letter supplemented with the request for the reimbursement of the registration fee should be sent by e-mail mpdsida@phystech.edu.
Please note that no refund will be available if you have not properly informed the organizers about your cancellation plan.
Cancellation before May 24: Registration Fees will be completely refunded, except bank charges.
Cancellation after May 24: no registration refunds will be made for cancellations after this date.
All the refunds will be paid only after the end of the event.

 On the payment procedure 

The beneficiary of all payments is MESOL LLC – the official Conference operator.

To make the payment of the registration fee please please choose one on the following type of payment:

 1. Payment by an invoice – MESOL LLC will send you an invoice for the chosen services. Please send your request to the e-mail address stas@mesol.ru.

All possible bank commissions, fees or other charges are to be fully paid by participant. If any commissions, fees or other charges are passed to MESOL LLC, participant will be required to compensate MESOL LLC for them.

 2. Payment by credit card – for online payment please use the form below /

In case of payment by the credit card with foreign currency (not rubles) the sum will be converted to Russian rubles at the rate of emitting bank (the bank which issued the credit card). Operation of withdrawing from the Customer's credit card is carrying out in rubles.


Stanislav Stegalin – responsibe for payments Tel.: +7 495 943 6060 Mob.: +7 985 960 1209
E-mail: stas@mesol.ru
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