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Academic Writing with Fergus Lamb

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Fergus Lamb.  Bsc, Msc, MBPSS
C.E.L.T.A(Oxford House College), 
D.E.L.T.A.(International House London)

I have worked as an English teacher for more than five years.  I have worked 
in London,the U.K., Italy, and for the last 2 years  in Moscow.  I have worked with 
 students studying English for Academic Purposes in Law, Politics, Finance and Biology.

Course Structure

The course will be presented in three modules, approximately 20 hours for each module:


  • Module One – From the sentence to the essay.  Including course introduction and needs analysis, sentence structure, paragraph structure, discourse markers - conjunctions, essay structure.  The writing process – pre-writing.   Assessed by:  a written short essay. 
  • Module Two – Written Scientific Discourse, including discourse markers, cohesion - grammatical, citing sources, referencing and giving opinion.  The writing process – drafting and redrafting.  Assessed by:  a literature review. 
  • Module Three -  Research articles.  Cohesion - lexical, scientific register, coherence, genres. The writing process: re-drafting and publishing. Presenting research. Assessed by: a research article



    By the end of the course, you will:

    • be able to analyse and understand different academic genres in terms of their structure and typical discourse features. 
    • be able to understand and use typical discourse features accurately and appropriately.
    • be able to use different structures and discourse features to create functioning texts within the specified genres. 
    • be able to use a critical approach to review and evaluate existing scientific texts.
    • be able to construct an argument based on evidence, citing sources of evidence appropriately. 

    ·        Have written, received feedback on and revised a functioning scientific essay, research article and literature review.



    This course starts from the basic unit of writing, the sentence, building up to the paragraph and finally to the structure of three key genres:  essays, research articles, literature reviews.

    While the course focuses on writing, you will work on speaking during the input sessions.  The course will encourage you  to work on your own to continue to develop your knowledge and ability. 

    You will understand and practice the processes involved in the different stages of academic writing:  pre-writing, planning, drafting, evaluating, re-drafting, publishing.   

    As a result, you will be able to participate in academic discourse in English, enabling you to publish your  research and take advantage of opportunities to learn and develop in different English speaking contexts, including using electronic media.  

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