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The young generation

    Everywhere people are worried about children, who are described these days as “difficult”, “rude”, “wild” and “irresponsible”. In all communities the problem is in the center of public attention.

    For kids from 8 to 14 a new term “tweens” has recently been coined. They are no longer children nor yet teenagers, just between – tweens. They are said to be a generation in a hurry to grow up. Experts say that the rush to grow up is due to popular media, tween magazines and TV shows. Instead of playing with Barbies and Legos they are watching TV serials. They start to smoke at an early age, girls wear provocative make-up.

    To parents tweens and teenagers can be a nightmare. There is always something new they want. A lot of money goes to clothes. Fifty years ago when girls talked about self-improvement they were thinking of doing better at school, of becoming a better person. Now everything comes down to appearance. Parents, who aren’t around much, often try to compensate by buying their kids almost everything they ask for. But sometimes it isn’t easy to satisfy all their needs. Though some kids are ready to earn money, others want their parents to give them as much money as they demand.

    Children are often alone in the afternoon with only the computer or TV, which takes most of their free time. Parents can’t regulate the number of hours kids watch TV and play games. Nor can they monitor what kind of films they watch and what Internet sites they visit. But electronic universe is more comforting than the outside world that can be dangerous. Most children don’t belong to any clubs and just hang about after school. Many parents are afraid that their children are exposed to drugs and alcohol.

    A lot of teenagers experience emotional problems, the most typical of which may be called “Nobody understands me”. Sometimes it’s difficult for boys and girls to deal with other people and they feel lonely. Some teenagers are hard to get along with. They don’t like to obey other people, to follow advice of grown-ups. They always want to go their own way.

    Of course every kid’s story is unique and there are certainly lots of youngsters who go through all these years with few problems. Youth is probably the best period of our life. Being young means romance, love, friendship, hopes and expectations. A great number of young people are capable, communicative, creative and persistent. They are used to the world of information and they’ll probably be the best educated generation in history. They are optimistic. They expect to have a better life than their parents and want to make their country a better place. And all they need is a caring adult in their daily life helping them grow up to become all they can be.


rude - грубый community - общество to coin – придумать (слово) rush – спешка make-up – косметика nightmare - кошмар self-improvement – самосовершенствование to come down to – сводиться к to be around – быть рядом appearance – внешний вид to satisfy – удовлетворять to demand - требовать to monitor – контролировать comforting – спокойный to belong to – принадлежать к to hang about – слоняться без дела to be exposed to – подвергнуться, «познакомиться» с to get along with – ладить grown-ups - взрослые expectations – ожидания, надежды capable – способный communicative – общительный persistent – упорный to be used to – привыкнуть к caring – заботливый adult - взрослый
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