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How times flies! Hardly seems possible but it’s over 2 years since I entered The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology or rather “Phys-Tech” University. I’m in my third year now. Our University was founded in 1946 from one of the departments of Moscow State University. At that time there were only 2 departments there housed in one or two buildings in a small town of  Dolgoprudny near Moscow. Now we have 9 (8) departments and our campus has got several educational buildings, some for the hall of residence (the hostel), a canteen, numerous sports facilities and even our own Bank for Innovation and Developments.

When at school I concentrated on Physics and Maths. Letting the other subjects go, I worked intensely on my favorites. That is why “Phystech” was my first choice and still is. If you put on a list all the higher educational institutions in Russia Phystech University, young as it is, (Last year we celebrated the 50-th anniversary) can still be put at the top, following may be, Moscow university.The entrance exams here require a very good maths and physics background to pass them. I passed fortunately and was enrolled.

            Of the six years University lasts the first three are most difficult if not most important in the curriculum. To begin with, it’s because it’s quite different from being at school. Now we have lectures, seminars, practical classes at laboratories and optional subjects, both in arts and sciences. Of course you’ll be offered every support from your teachers or senior students with every problem except may be one – while in University you’ve got to be self started and rely only upon your own motivation. It’s kind of life test for you – to learn how to find time for both, studies and fun. There is always such a temptation to enjoy yourself in the company of people of your age who are like you, away from home for the first time. Most of our students (including muscovites) live in a hall of residence. You can’t cook, you aren’t used to doing your own washing or looking after yourself and have to cope with all this in a short period of time. And the are lots of interesting things around you and so many nice people to communicate a lot of people who just didn’t go to any of their classes because they weren’t compulsory. But they are mainly senior students. The first two or three years most of the students work hard. They have reasons for that because otherwise they will never manage the curriculum to stay at University. The final exams at the end of the course are based on the first three years’ studies. There is a lot to learn. And it is quite stressful twice a year (January and June) when exam time comes round. Some people think that may be it would be better if there was some sort of system of continuous assessment. You know, a lot of people do very well all year, working very hard, but when it comes to doing exams they just go crazy with stress and can’t remember anything when it comes to the long exams they have to do. I would be in favor of some change in it too.

A few words about the accommodation in the Hall of residence (the Hostel). Most hostel rooms accommodate three or sometimes two students. People from several rooms share a big kitchen, which is of course not enough for so many of us. So I usually have meals at University and only sometimes cook in the hostel.

Quite a number of students have to work part-time to make ends meet. And in this case they’ve got great difficulty in catching up on what they have missed.

Anyway although students are very busy with their studies they do find time to go in for sports, listen to music, watch video films or have a chat on their computers, read books and enjoy social life. In the term time we get a regular stream of politicians, scientists, musicians and so on. But I guess students get more out of talking and listening at the numerous societies, music or video clubs.

Students have every opportunity to engage in Sports. The campus has got several tennis courts, an outdoor basketball court, a swimming-pool, a stadium and some gyms. The neighborhood is also good for jogging, hiking and cross-country skiing.

One shoud also mention some of our good customs and traditions such as the “Phystech song festivals” and the famous “Match of the Century” wich is held every spring. Unfortunately, some other good traditions seem to have ceased.

To conclude, I enjoy every bit of my life here studying what I wanted to study, having some money to spend on my own etc. My life here kind of eased me into living on my own and this experience will be of great use to me in future.



be founded – быть основанным or rather – или скорее campus – студенческий городок и территория института hall of residence (Br.) or Hostel (am.) – общежитие let something go –  пускать что-то на самотек, не обращать внимания enter an institute – поступить в институт graduate from the institute –  окончить институт


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