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      Practical  training is an essential part of our life. Junior students do labs in well-equipped laboratories of  General Physics. In the first three years they study Mathematics, Thermo-Dynamics and Molecular Physics, Electricity, Optics and Nuclear Physics and carry out  their experiments in the appropriate laboratories. The course of  practical Physics serves to illustrate various aspects of theory and is closely correlated with the lectures. As for the practical skills, the students gain experience in handling numerous pieces of apparatus such as potentiometers, interferometers, generators, oscillographs, etc. The laboratory assistants show them how to operate and calibrate the devices and adjust the equipment. If an installation goes wrong they help the students to repair it. The students are also acquainted with the precautions to be taken during the work. The attendance of laboratories is obligatory. As a rule, the labs are done once a week, each experiment lasts about four hours.

    Now I am going to describe one of my experiments. As usual, I got ready for this lab in advance. To begin with, I read the description of the experiment in the manual, looked through the theory concerning the work to be done and wrote a plan of the experimental procedure. The aim of my experiment was to study the attenuation of oscillations in an oscillatory contour. This contour consisted of capacity, inductance and resistance. At the laboratory I was not allowed to start the work at once: I had to answer the instructor’s questions about the object of the experiment, its method and the instruments necessary for the work. After this talk I proceeded to the experiment itself.

     I assembled the contour and connected it to the cathode-ray oscillograph and the impulse generator. Oscillations in the contour were caused by the generator and were observed on the screen of the oscillograph. The procedure of taking measurements included 3 stages. First I determined the dependence of the period of free oscillations on the values of inductance and capacity. Then gradually increasing the resistance I observed the transition from an oscillatory form of the electric charge on the capacitor to an aperiodic form. Finally I determined the dependence of the attenuation of the oscillations on the resistance. It took me about three hours to make the experiment and put down the results in a tabular form.

    I was given a week to treat the data obtained, estimate errors and write an account. Then I   submitted the account to the instructor. He checked the calculations, pointed out my mistakes and  gave me a good mark for the lab.

    This experiment was of interest to me both from theoretical and experimental points of view. And to tell the truth, I had no difficulties as far as my last lab was concerned. Unfortunately, sometimes the results of our experiments leave much to be desired. And so I have to experiment a lot to make a good specialist in future.


to equip - оборудовать, оснащать
appropriate - соответствующий, подходящий
to serve - служить
to be closely correlated with - находиться в тесной связи с …
skill - мастерство
to gain experience - приобретать опыт
to handle pieces of apparatus - работать с оборудованием
to operate - работать, действовать
to calibrate - градуировать
device - устройство, прибор
installation - установка
to adjust - регулировать
to go wrong - испортиться, перестать работать
to repair - ремонтировать
to acquaint - знакомить
to take precautions - принимать меры предосторожности
attendance - присутствие, посещение
obligatory - обязательный
in advance - заранее, заблаговременно
to begin with - во-первых, прежде всего
manual - руководство, наставление, справочник
concerning - относительно
procedure - процедура, методика, приемы проведения опыта
attenuation - затухание
oscillation - колебание
oscillatory contour - колебательный контур
capacity - емкость
resistance - сопротивление
instructor - преподаватель, руководитель
to assemble - собирать, монтировать
to cause - вызывать, быть причиной
screen - экран
stage - стадия
gradually - постепенно
transition - переход
to put down - записывать
capacitor - конденсатор
in a tabular form - в виде таблиц
to treat the data - обрабатывать данные
to estimate - оценивать
error - ошибка
account - отчет
to point out - указывать
to tell the truth - по правде говоря
as far as smth. is concerned - что касается…
unfortunately - к несчастью
to desire - желать
it leaves much to be desired - оставляет желать лучшего

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