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       Computer games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the modern society. But are they a benefit or one of the high-tech hazards? This problem has become particularly sharp nowadays.

     Some people say that computer games make kids aggressive. Well, it depends on the games they play. Yes, some games can have a bad effect on children, but children have parents who should take care of them and make their life healthy, so it’s the parents’ problem. By the way, while playing computer games we give vent to our emotions and aggression. Instead of making thoughtless actions in real life, you can take your anger out on a virtual enemy.

     One may say that the glare from the screen affects the eyesight, but your eyesight is also affected by watching TV, reading and writing, which we do much more often.

     The opponents of this form of entertainment may also say that kids who are fond of playing games lack social interaction. I don’t think so. On the contrary, these children often discuss computer games with their friends and play together.

     Some doctors say that while playing computer games, a child may get a serious damage to the spine, but this argument can’t stand any criticism – children sit writing at school much longer every day and this is the real hazard.

     This form of entertainment develops our imagination. Moreover, it is extremely helpful in practicing quick reactions, that’s why special games are used to train pilots, drivers and military men. And it’s really wonderful to plunge into the world of fantasy after a hard day!

     To sum it up I would like to say that the pluses of computer games outweigh the minuses. Games are a nice source of relaxation and inspiration, but we shouldn’t overdo things.



     Tetris is one of the oldest and the most popular computer games. It was invented in Russia in around 1985. The author of Tetris was Alexei Pazhitnov. The name Tetris comes from the Greek word “tetra” or “four”. Tetris is a computer puzzle game in which various shapes, each made of four squares, are falling down a well. The user turns the pieces around and moves them left or right in order to arrange them on top of the others. When a solid line of squares is made from edge to edge, the line disappears and all the pieces move down by one square. Players work hard to keep the well as empty as possible but as the game progresses the pieces fall faster and faster making that harder. When the well fills up, the game ends.


entertainment – развлечение                                               shape - форма
society – общество                                                              well - колодец
benefit – выгода                                                                   in order to – для того чтобы
hazard – опасность                                                              solid line – сплошная линия
sharp – острый                                                                     as – по мере того как
to give vent to – давать выход
anger – гнев
glare – сияние, свет
to affect – влиять на
to lack – испытывать недостаток в
damage – повреждение, вред
moreover – более того
to plunge – погрузиться
to outweigh – перевесить
inspiration – вдохновение 

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