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Sports and a Healthy Lifestyle

Some people go in for sports for professional purposes, others – for their health. A lot of people do morning exercises, aerobics or go jogging, swimming, skating and etc. The importance of exercise for a healthy body is confirmed by scientific research.

A daily routine of mild exercise is necessary to maintain general health and wellbeing. Regular exercises may prolong our life span. A fit body has a stronger immune system and makes us less susceptible to illnesses. General fitness makes us feel better and allows us to become more alert.

But most people find it difficult to maintain a consistent exercise routine, even knowing the positive benefits of it. It happens because they fail to choose a type of exercise they would enjoy.

They say, “A sound mind is in a sound body”. Though it′s not quite true for professional athelets. Prof. sport is associated with injuries and tiredness, with hard work. Athletes are forced to sacrifice a lot of things and to retire young. At the same time prof. sport educates a strong will, discipline, ability to overcome difficulties. It helps to increase self – esteem and self confidence.

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