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Base Institute

            Now that I’ve been studying at the institute for three years, I am quite sure that I’ve made the proper choice. “To be or not to be” is not a question for me. I really enjoy making experiments, that’s why of all the professions in the world I prefer research physics.

            As you know, during the first 2 years (no matter what department you are at, and what branch of physics you are going to specialize in) we do general subjects to get a proper grasp of physics and mathematics. It is impossible to become a specialist in any narrow field without a broader background.

            But in the third year each student can choose one or another field he likes best. Each group is assigned to a particular scientific institution called Base Institute. According to the curriculum in the third year we go to the Base Institute once a week. It is at the base Institute that our specialization begins.

            My Base Institute is The Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics of the Academy of Sciences. Here I have every opportunity to get acquainted with cutting-edge technologies, with challenges faced by today’s science and the research projects carried out at  various laboratories.

            One of the laboratories deals with developing integrated circuits for microelectronics,  another undertakes research into reception, accumulation, storage, processing and output (or display) of  information by means of optical electronics. Still another is engaged in  exploring natural resources with the help of radio equipment. There is also a laboratory where they investigate the properties of fiberglass, particularly the possibilities of its use for long distance communication.

 Besides, the Institute offers a number of specialized courses where you can study with leading scientists who try to attract students to their research area.

            By the end of the 3d year you have to make up your mind as to what laboratory you are going to work at and you are even allowed to choose your scientific adviser.

            In the fourth year each student  already actively participates in the work of the laboratory he has chosen. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have  time for individual study or reading. On the contrary, we simply can’t do without reading articles from scientific journals on the problems involved.

            To my mind, the work at a base institute allows students to make the best of their abilities. While making research under experienced advisers in well-equipped laboratories they learn up-to-date experimental techniques. Our scientific advisers are real experts in their field. They often take an active part in our discussions of the results obtained and are always ready to offer us help. They recommend articles, both in Russian and in English, we are to read to keep track of the latest scientific achievements. They also do their utmost for senior students to develop into well-trained specialists.



to get a proper grasp of – надлежащим образом охватить что-либо
cutting-edge – наиболее передовой
integrated circuits – интегральная схема
fiberglass (= glassfiber)- стекловолокно
to make up one’s mind – решить, определиться
to do without something – обходиться без
to make research under – проводить исследования под руководством
to keep track of – быть в курсе, следить за
to do one’s utmost – делать все возможное


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