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PhD at the School of Physics, University of Exeter, UK

Motivated and hard-working students are required to do an experimental PhDin the laboratory of Quantum Transport in Nanostructures of Prof A.K Savchenko:   http://newton.ex.ac.uk/research/qsystems/aks .

We have excellent fabrication and experimental facilities for fundamental research on low-dimensional semiconductor and carbon-based structures.  We use a wide range of techniques with the aim to understand the properties of electrons in the situations when they behave as waves and not particles. The experiments are performed at temperatures down to 30 mK and magnetic fields up to 18 T.

We work in close collaboration with other universities in the UK and abroad, and with leading theorists in mesoscopic physics worldwide.

Our current research is focused on graphene-based systems.  Recently, Exeter University has been awarded significant funds to create an interdisciplinary Centre for Graphene Science:    http://newton.ex.ac.uk/features/graphene.html .  The PhD projects will be closely related to the activities of the new Centre.

You have to have a strong interest in experimental research in condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics and its manifestations in electron transport, contact us immediately to discuss the details:   a.k.savchenko@ex.ac.uk.

Excellent examination results will be important in getting the required scholarships, with an annual payment of ~£13,000.  Students with completed BSc or MSc are equally accepted.

For informal enquiries about life in England, etc., please contact our current PhD students from MIPT:

Alexey Kaverzin ak328@exeter.ac.uk

Aleksey Kozikov ak329@exeter.ac.uk

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