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New Headway Upper-Intermediate (the 3rd edition) 5-6 семестры



Awesome — a) frightening; b) incredible

Bear (bore-borne) — a) to carry; b) to put up with; c) to support; d) to aim

Big deal — important event

Excessive — more than is normal

Extensive — very wide-spread

Fussy — unnecessarily careful about little things

Harrowing — very sad, causing mental pain

Invaluable — really precious

Itchy feet — desire to change jobs, travel

Jet-lagged — feeling tired because you moved from one time zone to another

Knack — talent

Overtake — to reach and go past

Get puffed — be out of breath

Split out — to fall out

Thorough — very careful, detailed




Adjust to — to settle down, to place yourself in a comfortable position

Assets — anything owned which can be sold to pay debts

Benefit — profit, advantage

Cash in on — to make a lot of money by profiting from smth

Considerable — quite large

Cooped up — shut up inside

Eerie — weird and frightening

Establish — a) to set up, create; b) show smth to be true

Exhausting — tiring out

Handle — to deal with

Hectic — very busy

Impact — effect

Pick-pocket — to steal things from people's pockets

Relentless — pitiless, ruthless

Remote — a) distant; b) slight (possibility)




Alerted — watchful

Apparent — which seems, obvious

Broke — having no money

Chatter — a)to talk quickly and not seriously; b)shake

Collapse — to fall down, ruin

Compelling — very exciting

Concern — a) worry; b) interest

Dare — a) to be brave enough to do smth; b) to challenge smb to do smth by suggesting it's cowardly not to do it

Inquest — legal inquiry into a death

Issue — a) to come out; b) to put on sale, publish; c) to give out, hand out

Owe — to be obliged

Plunge — a) to dive, b) to throw yourself into

Rigid — stiff, unbending, inflexible

Ruthless — pitiless, cruel

Solemn — a) spedal and religious; b) very serious

Suspense — impatient wait for smth to happen




Arbitrary — taken at random

Assert — to state firmly

Buy into (id) — to trust, believe

Conceal — to hide

Elaborate — very detailed, very complicated

Frumpy — wearing old-fashioned clothes

Insomniac — smb who is chronically unable to sleep

Interfere — a) to meddle; b) to get involved

Patently — obviously, clearly

Plausible — which sounds as if it is correct when it's often not

Recall — a) to summon back; b) to remember

Stuffy — a) full of bad air; b) prudish

Teetotal — who never drinks any alcohol

Untimely    a) happening too soon; b) not suitable




Adequate — enough

Alienate — turn away, repel

Aspiration — ambition

Assume    a) lo take responsibility; b) to suppose

Boost — a) to help, promote; b) increase

Catch up on — exchange news

Ensure — to make sure

Fancy — a) to imagine; b) to like, want to have

High-flier — very intelligent and very ambitious person

Make redundant — to fire people because they are not needed

On the mend — getting better

Presume — to presuppose

Query — a) doubt if smth is true; b) to ask questions

Regardless — paying no attention

Secure — safe

Take for granted — a) to agree; b) not to appreciate any more




Acclaimed — well-praised

Spot — to find

Currently — at the present time

Gradually — step by step

Objective — aim (object in view)

Offhand — at once, immediate

Preliminary — which goes before

Reluctantly — not willingly

Rule smth out — to leave out, not to consider

Whack — a) hard, noisy blow; b) (inf) attempt




Adore — to love strongly, admire

Alongside – beside

Beneficial – useful

Breeze — smth easy to do

Charge — to make smb pay for smth

Designated — chosen for a special purpose

Erode — to destroy or reduce smth gradually

Forfeit — to lose smth as a punishment

Intercept — to stop or catch smth/smb going from one place to another

Knackered — a) extremely tired; b) too old or broken to use

Overlook — a) not to notice; b) to ignore and forgive smb's mistake

Perks — additional income

Strapped (inf) — feeling shortage of money /time

Subtle — a) not easy to notice; b) clever at noticing and understanding

Titbit — special little piece

Wits — ability to think quickly and make right decisions (to be at one's wits' end)




Adorn — to cover with ornaments, decorate

Aptly – likely

Apt — fitting well

Bliss — great happiness

Boast — a) to talk about how good/clever etc. you are; b) possess and be proud

Caution — care, precaution

Commute — a) to reduce (a penalty); b) travel to work in town every day; c) pay money instead of doing a piece of work

Down and out — (id) tramp

Downpour — heavy rain

Fall behind with — to fail to finish work or payment at the right time

Flock — to move in a group

Mere/merely — simply, only

Nauseous – sickening

Pervade — spread everywhere

Profusely — excessively, too much

Resentful — annoyed and hurt

Sumptuous — very luxurious

Pursue — a) to chase; b) continue to do

Utter — complete/total




Blank out — to ignore, not to pay attention

Clumsy — not graceful; often breaking smth

Dense — a) very thick; b) stupid

Disdain — looking down; feeling superior

Encounter — to meet

Fussy — unnecessarily careful about little things

Imperious – arrogant

Incorporate — to bring into one main part

Laid back -unhurried/relaxed

Nosy — curious

Scald — to injure with hot liquid or steam

Scatty — silly, slightly mad

Stingy — very greedy

Uptight — nervous and annoyed

Whine — to complain




Ambush — surprise attack

Assumption — belief that smth is true (even if it hasn't been proved)

Assure — a) to make safe/certain; b) to state/affirm

Befall — to happen

Bound to — a) obliged; b) very likely

Ferocious — fierce, angry

Filthy — a) very dirty; b) very unpleasant; c) obscene

Foible — odd way of behaving or thinking

Hazardous — dangerous

Impassible — which you can't go through or across

Inauspicious — unlucky, not giving hope for the future

Inevitably — by all means

Pester — to bother smb

Precision — accuracy

Scarce — insufficient for the demand, hard to find




Cover for — a) to the work s o usually does; b) to prevent smb from getting into trouble by lying

Descend — to move from a higher level down

Droplets — tiny drops

Expand — to become larger in size, number or amount

Hard up — being in great need for money

Inexplicable — too unusual or strange to be explained or understood

Inflate — to make smth seem more important than it is

Momentous — very important

Neglected — not looked after properly

Obsessed — thinking about smb or smth more than is necessary or sensible

Painstakingly — very carefully or thoroughly

Swarm — a family of bees

Tedious — boring, tiring

Tolerate — to put up with

Wobbly – shaky




Corny — (inf) not new, different, interesting or surprising

Frantic — extremely hurried and using a lot of energy but not very organized

Horrendous — a) frightening and terrible; b) (inf) extremely unreasonable and unpleasant

Lease — a legal agreement allowing you to use smth for a rent

A new lease of life — serious life improvements

Lunacy — a situation or behaviour that is completely crazy

Obsessive — making you think all the time about smb or smth

Potter — (inf) to do pleasant things that are not important without hurrying

Tackle — to make a determined effort in order to deal with a serious problem

Torture — a) act of deliberately hurting smb to get information from them; b)severe physical or mental suffering

Unfulfilled — not achieved (wish, desire, hope)

Urge — to strongly suggest that smth should be done

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