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Innovative workshop, general information. 2014


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     Innovative workshop - a two-semester course at the Faculty of Innovation and High Technology MIPT, where students are engaged in IT-projects under the direction or mentoring of FIHT teachers and basic departments professionals. The first semester focuses on the performance of the prototype, the second focuses on working with users, sales, investment etc.

     First Semester - mandatory for all 3rd year students. Second semester workshop is allowed only for projects which have shown positive results in the first semester.

     Alexander Krapivin leads theoretical classes. Fridays, 18-30 (Dolgoprudniy, "N-K") .


     We are using Scrum methodology with weekly sprints.

     Use of the following tools is obligatory:

  • Jira + Jira Agile
  • Confluence + Team calendars,
  • Bitbucket.org
  • Bamboo


     The grades of students will consist of four parts (from 10 points):

  • 1 point for "Hackathon" - in the case of a successful presentation of the selected project
  • 1 point - bonus (lecturer or project manager can ask for it)
  • 3 points for the theory
  • 5 points for the final presentation (is multiplied by coefficient from 0 to 1, subjectively estimating contribution of the person to result ; 0.4 - for the first half of a semester, 0.6 - for the second half)
    • 3 - prototype mark
    • 1 - availability of the elaborated prototype documentation
    • 1 - availability of the testing of the prototype


Upcoming events:

  • February 15 (Saturday). 9, Dmitrovskoe Shosse.
10.00 - 10.30 - Opening speeches of heads of a workshop to students.
10.30 - 10.35 - Project managers and mentors are presented to students
10.35 - 12.00 - Communication with managers/mentors. Participation of managers/mentors is obligatory for the obvious reasons. 
12.00 - The made teams are sounded, incomplete groups are supplemented or disbanded.
12.00 - 18.00 - Students prepare presentation of the chosen project and the prototype model (mockup) in teams, under control of managers/mentors. 18.00 - conditional date, teams can report in process of readiness.
Teams get plus one point from ten (1 point for "Hackathon") for successful performance.



workshop coordinator, Sergey Darevskiy

lecturer, Alexander Krapivin, krapivin@itep.ru

scientific advisor, Yuri Ammosov, ammosov@phystech.edu 


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