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Building Information Modeling

Организация: IBM
Руководитель проекта: Carl Anderson
Описание проекта:

Building Information Modeling, BIM, is protocols for how all software used in the design, approval, construction, accounting, inspecting, supplying, operating and recycling a structure should interface and share data. In the previous semesters a BIM cloud implementation was developed.  Work was done with business and government to prioritize the functions developed in the BIM cloud.  This semester functions will continue to be added to the BIM Cloud and demonstrated to business and government.  One of the functions that will be analyzed and developed for a demonstration is Block Chain.  The first application of Block Chain was for “Bit Coin”.  Block Chain can be used to manage the supply chain, monitor government approvals and inspections. 

The students will learn how to integrate new applications into an existing cloud platform, learn about the construction industry and how Block Chains work.

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