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International Physicists' Tournament

3rd International Physicists’ Tournament took place in Dolgoprudnyi (Moscow Region), from March 18th to March 23th 2011.


Physicists' tournament is a team competition. Every team receives problems half a year before the tournament. These problems are rather research, they don’t have one answer, and the solution is always quite creative. Experiments and demonstrations are extremely welcome during the presentation. Then they present their solutions in some kind of scientific discussion, which is common way to protect scientific works. The first team is presenter. One or two students from this team provide others with the solution in form of oral speech with auxiliary materials. The second team is opponent. Its aim is to find inaccuracies in presenter’s solution or wrong application of some physical laws and draw attention on them. The third part of the event is discussion between presenter and opponent. The last but not least role is reviewer. This team makes a conclusion from the whole event and starts the common discussion. Then teams change their role and complete the circle.




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