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Вакансия компании "Sioux": Software Engineers C/C++ or C#

Embedded Software Engineers C/C++ or C#

A Dutch company Sioux is looking for Embedded Software Engineers C/C++ or C# (work in the Netherlands).

Your ambition is in technology and you are looking for a job that also has this focus.
You like to assume responsibility to complete your task successfully.
At Sioux we are specialized in the field of «embedded software» and we develop software for products in the following OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) markets:

Consumer Electronics companies Semiconductor companies Production equipment companies Telecommunications companies Medical equipment companies Nano-technology related companies Printing system companies

All those companies develop, produce and sell high-tech products. The software created by Sioux is «embedded» in those products (e.g. motion control software or real-time image processing software). In many cases «embedded software» distinguishes itself from «normal» software in a way that this software is also time critical (so called real-time software), and sometimes also is constrained by platform performance (cpu) and size (memory). These constraints must be handled by the «embedded software engineer» and result in a heavy dependence on software technologies like software design and software testing. In most cases «embedded software development» uses a multidisciplinary approach along with mechanical engineering, electronics engineering and possibly other technical disciplines.

Your daily work consists of:

defining requirements of products from which software requirements are drawn; setting up an architecture, technical design and the implementation of this; testing on the basis of specifications and the technical design; integrating different software and or hardware modules; debugging, and improving product quality in a multidisciplinary fashion; writing the accompanying documents.

You can identify with the following profile:

you are fluently in English, word and writing; preferably you have working experience by having worked for a OEM manufacturer in an «embedded software» environment; you have completed a university education, e.g. Informatics or Electrotechnology (with a strong focus on informatics); you have at least 3/4 years of experience in the (technical) software development (after graduation); you are familiar with the Linux platform / Real Time Operating System platforms, Real-time software development, and the programming language C or C++. You would like to increase your knowledge and experience in these fields; you have knowledge of or experience with different development methods and techniques (Real-time, Functional Decomposition, Hatley & Pirbhai, Host Target Development, OOAD, UML, Rup, Agile, etc.) and you keep your professional knowledge up to date.

We offer:

Sioux is offering you the possibility to work under Dutch conditions in the Netherlands, for a period of 3 to 5 years; We will take care of bringing you over to the Netherlands and setting you up. Of course a pre-condition is having the right set of technical and personal skills and most important the ability to speak and write English fluently. Furthermore you have no problem in committing yourself for a period of 3 to 5 years, and we will help you and your family if you would like to be around for a longer period of time.

Contact information:

Contact person: Anastasia Abolina Tel: +7 (495) 980-09-79 Please, send your CV by e-mail: anastasia@thelighthousegroup.ru


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